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August 11, 2019
Lessons Learned These Past 18 years

Some of the lessons my children taught me over the past 18 years. They might not be what you think!

August 03, 2019
What Type of Person Will You Become?

The task of applying to and getting accepted into college can be a challenging one. Deciding how far away you want to go, what type of loans you can afford, writing essays and taking campus tours can be an arduous process.

August 03, 2019
Why Does Everyone Hate Their Job?

In the years after college, I worked for a few different companies of varying sizes and industries. My co-workers were from all type of backgrounds and of various ages. Yet, no matter the company or person, the same issue kept popping up.

August 03, 2019
10 Ways To The Next Step Can Help Your Student

Every parent wants the best for their child. You do what you can to prepare them for the next steps in life. Unfortunately, the world they will be entering is very different from the one you graduated into years ago.

July 24, 2019
What Activities (Besides Video Games) Captivate the Attention of Teens with ADHD?

Video games are addictive for ADHD brains. If your teen tends to hyperfocus on screens, help him strike a healthier balance with these creative alternatives: ideas for activities that will capture the attention of even hardcore, non-sporty gamers.

July 16, 2019
How Can I Make Homework Less of a Tedious, Awful Chore?

How can we make homework less frustrating and more fun for ADHD brains? By turning it into a game, of course!

July 18, 2019
Taking Flight

It's going to happen, whether it is your first teenager moving out or an empty nest. You may be years from this transition or are in the thick of it, but either way it is what we have been preparing our kids (and ourselves) since day one.

July 10, 2019
3 Tricks to Motivate Teens to Apply to College and Scholarships

Teen lack motivation when applying to college? Here are some tricks to motivate a teenager to apply for college and scholarships, without hurting your relationship! Let's get your teen motivated and moving forward!

July 10, 2019
Teens & Screens: 5 Tips to Find Balance

Do you wish that you could connect more with your teen and their phones, video games and screens? Here are 5 quick tips to find balance so that you and your teen can be more productive and view technology in a new way!

July 10, 2019
10 Best Tips for Effectively Communicating with Teens

Struggling to communicate effectively with your teenager? Your teen won't open up or only talks disrespectfully? Learn the key to communicating with teens and keep your teens talking to you!

July 11, 2019
Kitchen Fun With Your Teen: Tropical Smoothie & Ice Cream Ideas!

Are you someone who loves to cook or wishes that more time in the kitchen could be spent with your teen? I've created a quicksheet so that you and your family can enjoy making great frozen treat combinations (and save money) this Summer!

July 09, 2019
Is 16 Too Old for a 504 Plan?

My high school junior was just diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and now I’m wondering if it’s too late for a 504 Plan to help with his executive dysfunction and motivation problems related to ADHD.

July 08, 2019
10 Best Consequences for Teens

At your wit's end with your teenagers? There is hope AND effective consequences for teenagers. Find 10 discipline tips to raise respectful, happy teenagers

July 08, 2019
6 Ways a Teenage Boy Needs Validation from Mom

What do teenage boys really need from their mom? Learn how to build confidence in your teenage son and tips on the best ways to raise teenage boys!

July 06, 2019
Mama, please look through my eyes today

Please look through my eyes today and remember that no matter what, you are not alone, you are loved, you are seen and...YOU ARE ENOUGH.

June 25, 2019
Q: How Can I Teach My Son to Entertain Himself (Without Video Games)?

Summer is here, and that means one thing: “When are you going to play with me?” ringing out at least 75 times a day. For the sake of your own sanity, and your child’s self-confidence, begin teaching him to find his own fun.

June 18, 2019
How to draw the line with your teenager

Parents have little tolerance for their teens pushing boundaries and yet this is part of what it means to go through adolescence. There is one thing to keep in perspective during these along to find out what it is!

By Kim Muench
May 27, 2019
UNSTOPPABLE - Boosting Your Confidence for Your Success

Confidence and self esteem are important to every teenager's health, social life and education. Knowing how to respond to others who are different than begins with knowing who you are. In this article we talk about becoming self confident.

May 22, 2019
Gutted Glory – Parenting Teens

The thing is, some days I feel completely gutted – I say and do everything wrong and no matter what, my teens grow further and further away.  Then there are days when I bask in glory – my heart bursts with love and pride for them and in how I’m paren

May 16, 2019
My teen just told me they are gay. What should I do?

What do you do when your child tells you they are gay?

May 13, 2019
Focus on the Internals

Empowering our teens to solve problems and manage their emotions is the success factor in their lives.

May 11, 2019
Surprising Teen Conversation Starters

In the fast pace of today's world, its easy to lose touch with our teens. Sometimes it seems that they live in a world apart from us. Listening and open ended questions help parents connect in meaningful ways.

May 11, 2019
Navigating the Generation Gap Consciously

Navigating the generation gap is easier if we build relationships WITH our teens by engaging them in relationship building. Consciously using co-creation communication skills empowers both parent and teens to be responsible for the relationship.

May 09, 2019
What Did Our Rescue Cat Teach Me About Parenting Teenagers?

How did a timid cat teach me to be a better parent? Read more to find out...

May 06, 2019

A conversation with a parent of a transgendered child and how conscious parenting fits in.

April 30, 2019
Why your anxious teen needs you to work on YOU.

This article addresses the problem of teen anxiety and gives examples of how to address the problem from a parent's point-of-view.

By Kim Muench
April 29, 2019
Welcome Home! Or...Not?

Are you excited for your teen to get home so you can talk about their day but are met with a one word response...if you're lucky?! Take a 1-week challenge and see what shifts in your relationship with your teen.

April 24, 2019
Essential Oil Blends for Concentration for Teens: Finding Clarity, Calm & Alertness

Learn more about 2 of my favorite essential oil blends I recommend to teens and parents for mental focus and the differences between them!

April 13, 2019
Teenagers : It’s NOT Just a Phase

Teenage years are hard for both the parent and the child. Parents - please remember that "This too shall pass!" Give your teenagers some slack - they are still trying to work it all out too !