Aparna Venkataraman is the founder of Beauty In Parenting - she help parents and teens find flow, joy and ease through 1-on-1 coaching, guided meditation, essential oils, e-guides and resources for confidence, communication and self-care!

Hi there! I'm Aparna and I am a parent coach, motivational speaker, mindfulness educator and DoTerra wellness advocate. I love helping families find more flow, joy and ease in their lives and have over a decade of experience with families in schools, hospitals & non-profit organizations. It is a true JOY for me to meet with and see the uniqueness in each and every family around the world!
With teens specifically (and also university students), I work on overall mental health in these areas: anxiety and depression, academic focus, building self-esteem and confidence levels, bullying, self-care practices through breathwork for self-regulation, guided meditation and incorporating essential oils into their self-care routine effectively. I also coach parents and teens on effective communication with family and friends, as well as honoring your intuition and leadership abilities. Visit www.beautyinparenting.com for all the details!

View my fun interview with Parent Teens founder Jennifer McCallum on the Parent Teens YouTube channel - we talk all about self-care, confidence, leadership, creating vision boards and ways to think BIG for parents and teens!:



1-on-1 Coaching
Guided Meditation Sessions
Essential Oils Education

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Interview for the Parent Empowerment Summit on preventative and proactive techniques for bullying


Morgantown, West Virginia , United States
We can also work together virtually via phone, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime: 1-hour parent coaching sessions, 30-minute guided meditation sessions & free essential oil consultations