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Watching teenagers grow and be successful is an endless source of amazement to every parent. My passion is bridging the communication and connection gap between parents and teens. Let's talk more about how I can support you and your teen.

To Parents and teenagers the challenges that prevent them from communicating and connecting are many. In the Free Course 7 Challenges that prevent parents and teens from connecting and how to fix them, I help parents with information that will reduce conflict and increase connection. You now can access the Course on my website:https://www.drstemmie.com/

As a mental health professional and certified life coach I have been blessed to work with parents and teenagers addressing many of these challenges including: communication, conflict, facilitating connection, college planning, job search, couples therapy, balancing work, home and business, career coaching, depression, stress, anxiety, divorce, job and life transition and much more. Lets Talk about how best I can help you and your teen.

My teen is now a successful college grad and I started a small business which is doing very well. Working with DrStem helped support my teen better and gave me the opportunity to also pursue my own passion..she was our life line.
— Melissa, UK mother of three


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650 Maitland Ave , Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701 , United States
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October 10, 2019
Mental Health and Teens - What Parents Need to Know

Mental health in teenagers is a significant problem in all cultures around the world. Teenagers with mental health conditions often engage in acting out behavior or substance abuse which increases their risk of risky behaviors that are detrimental.