In one-on-one coaching sessions, Angie, a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, helps moms to feel empowered in their parenting and in themselves so that they can empower their daughters.

I help Moms find the confidence they need to trust their own parenting and, together, we figure out exactly what strategies work best for their family so that both Mom and daughter not only feel empowered, but also, simply happy and calm.

My clients find excitement in parenting in a society where women can often be recognized as powerful changemakers and they want their daughters to live bold, courageous lives.

My clients develop a growth mindset and learn to believe that they, as mothers, have the power to guide their daughters to be brave, resilient and kind.

I help mothers find the same success at home as they have found in their professional jobs.

I help mothers find their "parenting power" to become bold changemakers in their own family.

I help mothers work out a plan that will empower both her and her daughter.

I coach loving mothers who know they are great parents, even when they don't believe they have great examples of "good parenting practices" they can rely on from their own childhood.

I coach dedicated mothers who are giving 110% to their parenting role and feel like they are losing themselves in the process.

I coach intelligent mothers who have devoured countless parenting publications and they are now ready to focus on figuring out just what works in their family. They are tired of "quick-fix tips". They want lasting changes.

I coach mothers who are smart, sarcastic, fun, strong, fierce, loving, and gritty.

Moms know what they want. Sometimes they just don't know where to start. Ang that's why I'm here.

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Price $50-$100


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